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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jul 15, 2010

Well hello there, dearest listeners. It is will great joy that we present to you, The Wigglian Way Episode 71. Recorded in stereo!

Hey thanks everyone for dropping by and downloading the show, we're so glad that you are here! Things are a little strange in The Wigglian Way studio tonight as we present to you the second installment of A Wigglian Alone!

On tonight's show we bring back a couple of old features that we haven't done in a little while, so be prepared for some old school Wigglian!

Chant O' The Show returns with Silver Shining Wheel aka. Goddess Aspects. (might have a different name where you are!)

Mythic Voices makes a return to The Wigglian Way, ever wonder how Dionysus became associated with the grape, here's one possible way!

Tonight's feature album is the 2004 release from Castalia, Hidden. From Hidden we hear The Soul That I Am and The Thorn Tree. We end the show off with Signs and Songs.

Podkin Kisses!!!

Thanks again for everything that you do for us, every minute you listen to the show is a minute that you could be doing something else, but you are sharing your time with us, THANKS!