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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Sep 2, 2011

Hey this is Sparrow! Welcome to The Wigglian Way! Mojo is away in Neverneverland cavorting with picaroons and pixie type beings. I am holding the tether between this World and That so that Mojo, Sarah, our Covenmates, Tradmates,  and friends will make it back safely. That's one Hel of a responsibility. 

While I am on permanent vacation Mojo hasn't been able to take a vacation yet this year but we will be at PPSM2 . If you are out and about that way the weekend we are there, we want to see YOU.

I also asked Kevin Smith (the Director) an important question. I hope he answers me.  

This episode we discuss how faith relates to chronic illness and Mojo finishes his EPIC Male archetype discussion with The King. 

Music makes our lives happy. We've slowed it down a bit this time with Gaia Consort's album Gaia Circles for our Feature Album. We play the title track Gaia Circles, The Old Ones, and finish up the show with The Rede. We also share with you our good friend Castalia's new release...Drum, Dance, Sing and our new friend Heather Dale's...The King Sword.

Thanks for hanging with us. Thanks for walking The Wigglian Way.  

Thank you so much for listening to the show and voting for us. 

...Breaking News... People's Choice Podcast award nomination time is coming up soon. September 15 nominate your favourite pagan podcasts. Let's get a whole whack of Pagan Podcasts nominated. The more there are the better chance we have at one of us winning an award. See what I'm saying?