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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Oct 26, 2020

It's All About the Love!

Welcome back to The Wigglian Way. We are so happy that you are spending this time with us. 

The more we can be together in new ways the better.  Like this Samhain. Be creative.  Make your Ancestors proud. Consider teaching your littles about their grandparents and yours. 
On this episode of The Wigglian Way Sparrow chats with Sharon Knight. Although I would rather see her and Winter in person I am content that we can spend time together, and with you, for the time of this interview. 
Sharon is sure to inspire you to find your passion during these trying times. Sharon found the stillness and space to write a year-long shadow work intensive that begins Samhain 2020. It's called Pentacles, Power, and Purpose and you can find out more here. 
Of course, we couldn't have Sharon on the episode to talk about her upcoming course without playing her music as well. In fact, Sharon recently released to the public 5 songs that were previously released on Patreon. Three of the five songs are featured in our Feature album segment today. From Witch Moon we hear Witch Moon, The Conjuring, and Boudicca (which is my current favourite). 
After you hear the next song you might wonder if you have stumbled into a Fairie ring yourself. Yes, it's Oh Shit, Its the Fairies by Parnassus. Wrapping up this episode of The Wigglian Way is Stealing The Fire, by King of Shadows, from the self titled EP. 
The Dark Days Tarot deck can be found here. Perhaps look at it before you purchase it. Some people don't like this deck at all and some people, like myself, love it.