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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jun 15, 2009

Summertime, the livin' is easy, well it's not quite summer yet, but it feels like it here in The Wigglian Studio!

Hello everyone, thanks so much for downloading the show, we're so glad that you are deciding to spend a little of your day with us! Tonight we talk about Beauty and Sacred Landscapes! Lot's of poetry in this episode... Tonight's feature album is The Promise by Michelle Mays. We begin with One Power-Opening followed by The Welcoming. We close the show with One Power-Closing. Let's send some Wigglian Love Michelle's way...

For our second break we hear from fellow Canadians, Sarah McLachlan and Lorenna McKinnit. From Sarah's Stumbling Towards Ecstasy, we hear Ice and from Loreena's The Visit, please enjoy Greensleeves.

Podkin Love!

Here's the link for the Dionysos Bromios invocation that I read.

Friends, did you know that YOU make a difference?! That's right, YOU. We might get the accolades, but it's our wonderful listeners that make a difference in people's lives, YOU are the best listeners that a podcaster could ever hope for!

Thanks for making The Wigglian Way such a wonderful journey!