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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jan 8, 2012

Let me tell you a joke...

Knock, Knock. 

Who's there?


Auntie Who?

Auntie Bunnie. 

Auntie Bunnie? What? Oh no. 

Funny story. Mojo was on his computer...probably practicing his guitar maybe...writing his thesis in Theban. He was doing something intense in any case. 

Sparrow was on the way home from the Mall. It was imperative that she got home and utilised the cosmetic face mask that she just bought. Music was playing on the radio and Hubby was telling some story. Sparrow's phone rings, "Squirt, we've got a situation"...well something like that. It was filled with a few more expletives but you get the gist. 

In any case, Auntie Bunnie (AKA Auntie Louise) had knocked on the door of The Wigglian Way studio for the appointment she had to record a segment for The Wigglian Way. Neither Sparrow nor Mojo had actually read their email correctly and thought that the appointment was for NEXT week. Sparrow rushed over to the studio on the mountain. In the meantime Mojo had set up the equipment and Auntie had started tea. Lovely tea. 

The recording of Episode 94 was about to be begin (on VERY short notice and with not a lot of planning) and this was what happened... 

Auntie Bunnie shares a little bit about one of her favourite poets, Ted Hughes. His poetry has deep paganesque themes and can be adapted to pagan rites. You too will be inspired to add poetry to your rituals and perhaps, like Sparrow, to write a personal Charge of the Goddess. 

The feature album, as promised last episode is one by S.J. Tucker. We showcase Sirens, S.J's 2006 release by sharing Lady Vagabond, Girl in the Garden, and Valkyrie Daughter with you. 

By special request from Aunie Bunnie you will hear Song of Awen (from Herne's Apprentice 2002)by Damh the Bard. From our dear friend, Arthur Hinds, we hear Circle of Love from Poetry of Wonder. See what we did there?

Thank you for listening and thank you for downloading the show. Enjoy!

A special thank you to our guest, Auntie Bunnie.