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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Apr 13, 2010


Greetings Wigglians!

Guess who's back?! You got that right, Sparrow is back! Only tears of joy this time from Mojo...

Thank you so much for downloading the show and your continued support through our absence. The love of the Wigglian Nation never ceases to amaze....

Podkin Love!

On tonight's show, we have a couple of guest join us in the studio, Eco-Priestess and Manly Mann Mannerson and we talk about conflict, specifically, conflict in covens. It does happen and it can sound a death knell for your coven if not handled properly! We also feature an interview that Sparrow did with SM Stirling, author of many books including The Emberverse Series, which begins with Dies the Fire.

Tonight's feature album is the 2004 release from Gaia Consort, Evolve. From Evolve we hear Drawing Down the Moon and Change the Way We Are. We end the show with Peace Now.

During SM's interview he requested songs about wolves and we always aim to please so please enjoy Wolves by Kan'Nal and Wolven One from Heather Alexander.

New shows that we mention, give them a listen:

Thank you again for downloading the show, the votes at podcast alley, the emails and comments at Facebook. You, dear listeners, are filled with Awesome Sauce!

It's all about the Love!