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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Apr 29, 2012

I will tell you this...I never thought that we'd make it to Episode 99, and I am sure Mojo didn't either. But, here we are and we are HERE with a HUGE bang. This is a jam-packed busy episode full of fun information, laughter, and music. We hope that you enjoy. 

We kick off this massive show with Sheldon, the Facilities Co-ordinator for the Gathering for Life on Earth. Sheldon shares some of the very cool things that will happen at the Festival during the last weekend in May. 

How lucky is The Wigglian Way to have not one but TWO interviews for a single episode? Our second interview is with the esteemed philosper, Dr. Brendan Myers. The good Doc shares with us some of the exciting things happening in his life. Brendan has just published Circles of Meaning, Labyrinths of Fear and his first novel, Fellwater (which is on my nook and I am reading right now- well not now, but you know what I mean). Brendan has also "published" Iron Age- Council of the Clans which is a downloadable game. How's that for a busy man? 

Speaking of busy men, Devin Hunter- podkin extraordinaire, has a number of projects happening all at once as well! Modern Witch Magazine First Edition is now available as is Devin's book 10 Things You Can Do Now to make Your Magic More Effective. Considering Devin now has more hours in the day than the rest of us I think the has read his own book. 

There is nothing like Hippy Pagan People to brighten your day and thankfullythe lovely Bekah Kelso has written a great song to prove it! What Lucky Bird (s) we are that we get to feast on these lovely sounds just as the Seething Sun is growing ever stronger. These three songs are all part of our Feature Album Departures by Bekah Kelso. 

We also hear Egil Saga from the album Licht by Faun and Double Edged Sword from the album Incantation by our friend Sharon Knight. 

Folks, thanks for visiting with us for 99 Episodes. As we head in to a new millenia of episodes we want to thank you for walking The Wigglian Way! 

<3 <3 <3