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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

May 9, 2011

Welcome to Episode 83 of The Wigglian Way, our longest show ever! We are so glad that you have downloaded our little show, thank you very much!

Tonight,we welcome special guest Ivo Dominguez JR onto the show! Thanks Ivo; please enjoy our discussion about Initiation.

Feature album tonight is Celtic Cresent, the 2002 release by Emerald Rose. From Celtic Cresent we hear Loch Lomond, Worlds Wedding and we finish the show of with the Star of the County Down.

We also hear a sneak preview from the up coming album "The Return" by Castalia, a song called Master and our final song isn't a pagan song. It is a song that brings joy to my heart when I hear it and I hope that you will like it. It's called Kissing My Love by Bill Withers, do me a favour will ya.....go give your love a kiss, remember It's all about the Love!.

Podkin Love!

Events coming to the Vancouver area:

SJ Tucker and Heather Dale

Lon Milo DuQuette

Thanks again for everything that you do for us! We Love You!