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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jan 16, 2013

Episode 112 and into our 7th year. Thank you for keeping us here.

We are so lucky to have ECO-PRIESTESS in the house! It's and Environmental day at Le' Studio Wigglian Way! Mojo and I have taken a pledge to move CHANGE forward. Look around, every one is doing it and talking about it. Change is in the air. One of the ways that we will help enact change is that we will cover Idle No More for a bit. It may be one show, it may be all of them. 

We feature Damh the Bard's newest cd Antlered Crown and Standing Stone. At the first break we hear Antlered Crown and Standing Stone and Down in the Garden. Damh's song The Dreaming will be after the third segment.

We have a new musical guest on this episode and her name is Ginger Doss. Where have you been, Lady, that we are just getting to know you now? Luckily, she sent us some tunes and we hear Ginger Doss' Magic, from the Hand and Hammer cd. 

Castalia ends the second segment with We are the Wick, from Hidden

Thanks for walking The Wigglian Way! It's all about the love.