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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Nov 20, 2012


If you recall, last time Auntie Bunnie visited the Wigglian Studios she challenged me (Sparrow) to write a Charge of the Goddess. The challenge was that we would borrow from poetry and/or prose and come up with a new Charge. Well, finally, mine got finished enough to share with you all on The Wigglian Way. I believe that Louise had hers ready within weeks of the challenge. 

In light of this  subject, our Feature Album is I Sing her Praises by Jana Runnells. From that album we hear I Sing Her Praises, Isis Astarte, and Deep Peace

We also hear I Am The Goddess from the Journey to the Goddess cd, by Lisa Thiel and Burn One Down by Ben Harper.

We won't be recording for a few weeks as Mojo is away at Grey Cup and visiting his family. 

Thanks for downloading and listening to the show! 

It's all about the Love.