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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Sep 19, 2012

Mojo was very lucky to be able to interview Sabina Magliocco for this episode. She is a brilliant educator and we thank her very much for gracing our show with her presence. 

During the last little while The Wigglian Way studios received a wonderful bit of mail which ends up being our Feature Album. It is a double album by Spiral Dance, called, Through a Sylvan Doorway. From this new release we hear The Sylvan Doorway, Fae Dance, and Asgard's Chase. The three tracks we play from this 2012 release are all on the 1st disc. Wait until we hear the 2nd one! 

This was a week of firsts. We are lucky enough to be able to play the new World Premier by our good friend Akashik. This track is called I Can Remember.

To complete our playlist for Episode 106 we hear Sharon Knight and Pandemonaeon with Scent of your Skin, from Temple of Dreams

As Mojo promised, we have good news/bad news and bad news/good news. Tune in to find out what that might be. 

It's all about the Love!