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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Feb 24, 2016

Hellooooooooo! Spring is around the corner and so was this episode. We think it's a pretty fun episode that was around the corner for awhile. In other words, we've had this one on the burner for a bit and are so happy to share it with you now.

Sparrow has a chat with author John L Steadman, who wrote H.P. Lovecraft and the Black Magickal Tradition. Neither of us has read a lot of Lovecraft and we found the interview educational and it may have sparked an interest in Lovecraft's work.

Mojo and I are excited to share Kris Shulz's premiere release as our Feature Album. Kris is Mojo's teacher, friend, brother, and pretty much a stellar guy. On this episode we get to hear the title track While the City Sleeps, Ferus Caballus, and at the end of the show my favourite Sagroovian Juice.

We also hear from Trillian Green, Tapestry from their 1997 release, Metamorphoses. From Faun, we hear Rhiannon from their album Renaissance.


Thanks for downloading the show and thanks for walking, The Wigglian Way.

It's all about the Love and we LOVE YOU.