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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jun 1, 2009

Hello and thanks for downloading episode 51, we're so glad that you've taken the time out of your day to spend a little time with us.
Spring is in full swing here in the Wigglian Nation! This episode, we answer a little listener email, Sparrow talks about connecting to a new place and we bring you the final interview portion with Fritz Muntean.

We also announce the winners of the Episode 50 Giveaway!

This episode's feature album is the 2007 release, Balance of Nature by Alexander James Adams. During our first musical interlude we hear Balance of Nature and Hymn to Herne. We close the show out with Creature of the Wood. Catch Alexander James Adams playing with Tricky Pixie at Faerie Worlds this year.

During our second break, we kick it old school with Todd Alan's, The Longest Day and from Desert Wind we hear From the Goddess.

For those of you able to make it out, here's the link for this years Pagan Spirit Gathering.

As always, you are the best thing about being a pagan podcaster, thank you!

Podkin Love!