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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Oct 14, 2008

Hail Wigglians! Happy Thanksgiving, or Columbus Day or just good old Monday, depending on where you live, we're so happy that you have downloaded the show.

On tonight's show we are joined by The Lovely Sarah for a live tea leaf reading right here in the studio. We also try and help out a listener and his son.

Tonight's feature album is Myth Magic by Kan'Nal. From this most excellent album we hear Digging up the Devils and the title cut Myth Magic. We also end the show with Wolves.

We also wanted to mention a new book, Rabbit's Song by SJ Tucker and Trudy Herring with illustrations by W. Lyon Martin. In honour of the book, we hear Rabbit's Song and In the House of Mama Dragon, by our beloved SJ.

Thanks so much for downloading and listening to the show. Thanks for the comments and the votes and the emails, it's all about the Love.

PodKin Love!

Thanks for walking.....The Wigglian Way.