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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Mar 14, 2008

Yo! Thanks for downloading the show. Episode 27, took longer than we thought, seems like we've been saying that a lot lately....

Tonight, we continue with Sparrow's trip through the elements with a visit to the West. We answer a couple emails and in the final segment, we talk about the segment that has given us the most trouble.

Musically, we hear from the recently departed Jeff Healey; rock on Jeff, you are sorely missed; and the always lovely Michelle Mays.

As always, thanks for the comments, the emails and the votes at Podcast Alley. The best thing about pagan podcasting is you.

Thanks for walking.....The Wigglian Way.

ps. We forgot to mention LitheWolf and her wonderful show, The Broom Closet in our shout outs. We love you LitheWolf! You give great bumper!