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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Dec 18, 2007

Bright Blessings, Wigglians. Yule is just around the corner, it's a busy time of year for just about all faiths, we're so glad that you make time for us.

We're going to try something tonight that we've never tried before. We don't want to give it all away here, let's just say that we go over the basic circle, we hope that you like it.

We do discuss Yule and all of tonight's music is from the album This Winter's Night, by MotherTongue.

We'll be back for one more show before the Gregorian new year.

From all of here at The Wigglian Way, we wish you a Blessed holiday season. Please be safe. Party hard!!! Take a taxi home.

Thank you for walking.....The Wigglian Way.