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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jun 13, 2007

We're baaaccckkkk!!!!! Thanks for downloading Episode 10 of The Wigglian Way. Sparrow's back is still hurting, but she made it to the studio. Tonight, we talk about the upcoming sabbat, Midsummer. We also discuss some of our daily practices and what it means to be 'working partners'.

Tonight we have an all Canadian music line up. Our first artist ended Episode 9 for us and tonight we hear two more songs from Akashik, Touched and Long Forgotten.

We also proud to be the first podcast to premier songs from the new album Call of the Raven, by Edmonton's own Raven's Call. We hear three tracks The Charge and Earth the Ground We Share. We end the show with White Raven.

Please note that Andrew and Allison Currie have left Raven's Call and do not appear on the album that we played.

Thank you for walking...... The Wigglian Way.