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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jan 27, 2011

Here we come...walking down your street...get the funniest looks from...everyone we meet....

Hey Hey we're the Wigglians... thanks for downloading the show...We sure hope that you like it...Tell everyone you know!

Hey everybody, thanks so much for downloading the show, we're so happy that you did!

Tonight's show is all about the upcoming, soon to be released, documentary called American Mystic! We were lucky enough to get an advanced copy, so we will give you some of our thoughts about the movie, without giving it all away! We are also lucky enough to have Alex Mar, director of American Mystic, on the show tonight!!!!

American Mystic Facebook Site.

Tonight's feature album is 1981's, The Witching Hour by Lady Isodora with Lord Pan. From our feature album we hear The Witching Hour, Come, Witches,  to the Dance! and we end the show with Isis.

During our second break we hear Lady of the Silver Wheel by Damh the Bard and Family by Christopher Bingham.

Ever wonder what festivals and events your favorite shows and podcasters are gonna be at this year? Well, thanks to Dave from the PCP, now you can find out by checking out the Pagan Media Map over at the PPP website! Thanks for doing this Dave!

Podkin Love!

Once again, thanks for all that you do for us. The Wigglian Way wouldn't be the same without YOU!