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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jan 13, 2011

Welcome to the beginning of the 5th year of The Wigglian Way! We're so glad that you have downloaded the show, thank you, YOU ROCK!

Tonight, we talk about our upcoming events in 2011 and Sparrow talks origins of the universe! Science takes over The Wigglian Way, so get ready to get your learn on.

First event on the docket, next month in San Jose, CA, we'll be heading to PantheaCon. If you're going, come on over and say hello. 

Tonight's feature album is the 2010 release by Icarus Witch, Draw Down The Moon. We hear the title track, Draw Down the Moon and Dying Eyes and we end the show with Serpent in the Garden.

Following in the metal vein of Icarus Witch, during the second break we hear from Iron Maiden with The Wicker Man and some classic metal from 1975, Black Sabbath's Symtom of the Universe.

PodKin Love!

As always, thanks for everything that you do for us. If nobody has told you lately, thanks for being YOU!