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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Apr 4, 2021

Well Hello There! Long time, no see. We haven't been around these parts since January 12. That's a heck of a lot of time and it has gone by both fast and slow. You see, just a mere 5 days later after we recorded our last show,  someone at the Wigglian Studios would fall down the stairs and break 4 bones in her foot. The cat's out the bag. It was me. I broke my foot doing chores. I will be starting a gofundme in the near future so I will nevermore have to do chores. I am just kidding. No I am not. Yes, truly I am.

In any case, I also got an emergency molar extraction on my birthday. Need I say more? 

I am here to tell you that things get better. They do and I am the proof. Here I am writing the blog like I never have before. I don't know if anyone reads but I am going to write it like I have 100, 000 followers. One day you are recovering from dental surgery a couple days later you are creating a super amazing podcast episode with the love of your life. The podcast some call, the "Grandmother" of pagan podcasts. I don't, but still, I'll take it. We will take it. We've been here a long time. Fourteen years is a pretty long time in the podcast world. 

Some days you can walk, some days you can run. 

My prologue was so long I had to enter my password again to get at my show notes. So, without further ado...

Our Feature Album is "Last Writes" by Shawna Carol. The album was released posthumously by her family. 

From the album Last Writes we hear 

Wide Open

Dark Mother

and Gaia Gaia Mother of us All 

Our friend Kellianna is on this episode. Her great friend was Shawna Carol. Kellianna has much to share about her musical mentor with Mojo. Mojo and Kellianna also talk about her upcoming book, of which I do not know the name. Watch out for Mojo the Troll. 

We finish the show with a sparkle. From Kellianna we hear from The Ancient Ones, Thank you Mother and Bless our Planet

Folks, thanks for listening and thanks for downloading the show. It's all about the Love.