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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jan 12, 2021

Well well, Happy Gregorian New Year. Here we are a few weeks into 2021, and our 14th year of The Wigglian Way. Like I said on the show, that is a whole teenager and we don't know what they are going to do this year. It should be fun. 

This Episode, we have Mike Munsil, who has developed Triads for Change. Triads for Change is inspired by the Celtic and Welsh Triads of history as well as on the Courage to Change:One Day at a Time a book used in Al-Anon II.  Mike developed the Triads for Change specifically for Pagans when the Christian based Courage to Change isn't the right fit. He shares the whys and the wherefores in Sparrow's interview. 

The Wigglian Way has a little brother podcast with a whole bunch of loving. Moj has launched his Moment with Moj podcast. You can find here on this website. 

For this episode, and possibly more, we will not be sharing a Feature Album. The FA has gone the way of the dodo bird for the most part it seems. That being said this episode has some pretty amazing music. In order we hear:

Silver Doe by Magicfolk (this is a single) 

Blood for Gold by Sharon Knight (from the Green Album, Tuatha Dea Rainforest

The Spark that Lights the Fire by Tim Lane from As Sure As the Sun Rises in the East (This was sent to us by fellow Wigglian Chris Bond)

Evolve by Gaia Consort (Evolve 2010)

Four Directions- Ginger Doss (Hand and Hammer) 

Thank you to each of the artists for sharing their love and their hearts. Thanks for walking The Wigglian Way.