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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Dec 8, 2020

Lately we have all been "pulling in" a little bit. We haven't been able to travel across borders for travel or leisure. We have all had to stay home. Sometimes staying close to home we find hidden gems. Here at The Wigglian Way we have been reminded of some musical gems closer to home. Sparrow interviewed our friend Rissy who is a member of the three person band Hem Netjer. Rissy and David are pretty local to us. They make their home in Vancouver. Jesse lives a bit further away and Rissy shares a little bit about how they managed recording with a distant band member. From Hem Netjer's December release Kemet, which just so happens to be our Feature Album we hear Hem Netjer, Anubis, and Spirit Walker

Our next musical selection comes from someone we have known a long time. Mia Arsenault is a distant member of the Wigglian Coven. Distant because she moved across the country to be with family and work on her musical career.  From Mia we hear Wild Hunt Lullaby and and Skye Boat Song. We are so happy for you, Mia!  Thank you for walking this beautiful way with us. It's all about the love.