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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jul 9, 2020

This episode Sparrow was able to interview Liz Williams. Liz is also a Sci Fi writer but this time we got to chat about her new book on pagan history called Miracles of Our Own Making: A History of Paganism. I love history and finding out how people did things and why. This book is full of that and I highly recommend it. Thank you Liz for sharing this time with us. ----->>> scooped from Liz's page Liz Williams holds a PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge and is a widely published writer and journalist. She lives in Glastonbury, where she co-owns a witchcraft shop, and where she also lectures in creative writing.

Damh the Bard has recently (to us ) released the third part of his four part series Y Maginogi-The Third Branch
First written down in the Middle Ages by Christian Monks, and first translated into the English language by Lady Charlotte Guest in the mid 1800s, these tales are a part of the Matter of Britain itself. Although I have added dramatic decoration to the translation, these additions are based on current academic research, and I have remained faithful to the original tale throughout. When you listen for the first time, try to find some time for yourself and listen to the double album in its entirety. Let me tell you now of the Matter of Britain, of castles and curses, of the Otherworld, magic, and Pagan Lore. << I just stole that right from his site. 

Damh likes the piece of the concept album to be played together so there is continuity of the story. Sticking to that line of creative thinking we play the first three pieces during this episode. From the Y Mabinogi release we hear "Prologue"," A Proposal", and "The Stones and Bones of Albion." 

Wigglian favourite SJ Tucker, also known as Sooj, sent us a special gift to share with you all. We are Patreon supporters at the Firebird level. At this level there are so many great pieces of content. What we are about to share with you, from Sooj, is one of those great perks. From SJ Tucker's Patreon account, we hear The Cauldron and Wild Times. We are sure you will love them as much as we do. You can find Sooj's Patreon account here 

I "scooped" info from the other two but I am going to take Sooj's words right from the email she wrote The Wigglian Way. 

This attached version of "The Cauldron" is a studio demo, and only my Patrons, subscribers, and some members of my recent online show audience have heard it. I hope it will help listeners recharge during this intense summer, and help us remember that goddess Ceridwen would never bring us to the cauldron of transformation in order to make us into something SMALLER than we were when we got there. 

and about "Wild Times" Sooj says, "It's a magical activism song, and I hope it helps our people who are putting their magic and their lives on the line for positive change right now". 

SJ was inspired to write "Wild Times" in response to Laura Tempest Zakroff's  A Witch's Sevenfold Waning Moon Spell for Magical Resistance on Patheos Pagan. You can also find Sooj at simple. easy. Do it!

Since we were doing everything a little differently on today's episode, SURPRISE! One more song. We miss Heather Dale and Mojo got to work with her and the crew at Online Concert Thing that we just HAD to play at least one song. It's one I love. Mojo chose well. It's Lady of the Lake from the Avalon album. 

We can not end the show notes without talking about Online Concert Thing. It is the way of the future. 

We love you. 

Be calm, Be kind. Be Safe. 

It's All About the Love!