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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Apr 20, 2020

Hello Wigglians!

How are you keeping? We at the Wigglian Studios/Compound hope that you are well. We been keeping busy doing interviews and creating content. 

Over at Three Little Sisters Publishing they are also creating and compiling content for your enjoyment. I spoke to Larisa and Sheal about how they met and started this company. They've become such great friends and you can tell. I really liked this interview. At the end Larisa announces a contest. I wish I could "catchmycopy" but I can't. You can though. Listen for details. You can find them at     That's how to find their book selection and also how to contact them. 

It's almost Beltaine in the Northern Hemisphere and Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere. They are going to happen whether or not we are able to get together to celebrate/worship or not. Mojo and I are going to kick Beltaine off by featuring Michelle Mays album, Fireleap. From that album we hear Gently Johnny, Fire Leap, and finish the show with Earth My Body

Wait! That's not all. We continue the seasonal goodness with Beltaine (Calan Mai) by Magicfolk

Oh no, I am not finished. There is one more from our friend Alexander James Adams. From Balance of Nature, we enjoy Good Beltaine Fire

Mojo and I will be back real soon. Take care, be kind, and stay safe. It's all about the love!