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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Mar 26, 2020

Hello Earthlings! How are you managing? We are doing well at the Wigglian Compound. We've been busy creating. Yesterday, Mojo and I recorded the last little bit for Mojo's epic interview with Kellianna. Mojo and Kellianna chat about music and book writing. This interview was recorded in the "before times" so some things said within the interview may not apply. Kellianna, I sure hope we see you soon. 

As our interview this episode is with Kellianna it only makes sense that our Feature Album is Traditions by Kellianna. I believe it is the only one we hadn't featured. From Traditions we hear She Moved Through the Fair, Ave Maria, and Scarborough Faire. How advantageous that we could all use a fair and a prayer to any and all the Gods (and their Mamas).  Scarborough Faire is a duet with another of our magical and musical friends, Jenna Greene

Recently, the magical musical community lost one of their own, Shawna Carol. As a tribute we play her song, Spiritsong. Hail and Farewell, Shawna! What is remembered, lives. 

Finally, we punctuate this episode with Jana Runnalls soothing chant, Deep Into the Earth, from Sacred Home

The Wigglian Way is thankful for our carers and wish you all the best. You are added to our prayers. 

Blessed Be.