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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Mar 8, 2020

Snow day! Not today. The day we recorded this fantastic episode there was a huge dump of snow. Mojo couldn't go to work and so he was here to co-host an interview with our friend Jason Mankey. It was a lot of fun. We both consider Jason  a friend so it's always nice to get to chat with him together.  We got to catch up with Jason about ALL (most?) his current endeavors. This guy never slows down. In the interview Jason reminds us that when he isn't writing, he is lecturing, and if he isn't doing one of those, he is planning one of those. You can find the link to Transformative 
Witchcraft- The Greater Mysteries , the most recent release,  here. The link to Jason's Patheos Pagan blog, Raise the Horns, is here. Here is his Twitter feed. And some more books

Adrian Bellue is a freaking amazing guitar player. Remember folks, those aren't loops, and it's all one guy. One amazing guitar player, that's for sure. I am sure it was difficult chosing which three songs to play but Mojo managed. The first two are Stringlinger and Wargames and we complete the set with Dreamwalker at the end. The three are from Stringslinger. 

What can I say about Kris Shulz? There is a lot going on in this man's life right now. He wrote and performed two of the songs that we play on this episode, Jellybeans melting in the Sun and Sidearms and Sombreros. He is equally parenting his gorgeous twin babies with his equally talented and kind wife, Jillian. They are both starting the new Horizon School of Music while simultaneously starting a non profit  called Empower through Music

It's good to have so many creative friends. It inspires us to be creative. One of our outlets is this show, but wait, there's more!  I recently launched a YouTube channel (please like and subscribe) called, of course, All About the Love!   I couldn't do just that so I at the same time, I launched the YouTube channel I also released a website at  AND a blog called Who Can Say? here . Thank you for your support. I am excited about all of these new adventures. I'm looking forward to one more imminent release. Watch this space. 

Wash Your Hands!