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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Feb 3, 2020

I've said it before and I will say it again, we are on a roll. Mojo and I started the year invigorated and ready to take on all our projects and with enthusiasm! 

Mojo interviewed mainstream and magical musician David Wood. David Wood was the winner of the IPMA Award for Best Male Pagan Artist of 2017 by The International Pagan Music Association! Congratulations David! David is the performer of one of the most fun pagan songs on the scene, King Bitch. It's dance-able AND edgy and I like that. Of course, we wanted to hear more and we did, and so will you.  We enjoyed having him on the show and will hope to talk to him again soon. It is also David's music that we are showcasing on this episode. 

From Coronation (see what he did there?) we hear King Bitch and Hecate at the first break and We are a Circle to finish up the show. 

During our second break we play the usual two song but this episode they are by two different artists. I will skip to the second as I want to give the seriousness of the remaining song it's proper and respectful due. 

One to the two songs that we share with you in the second break is Silver Doe (Song for Harry). by Magicfolk.  That doe gave me shivers the first time I read about her in a book. Magicfolk combines the traditional and modern to create an ethereal musical experience. 

Scooped right from Sooj's website... when she first completed writing the song in early 2015:
"I don’t usually write songs that frighten me, but this one is the essence of turning one of your nightmares (one that isn’t necessarily far fetched, to be exact) into art...My intent is to share and to deal with the things that frighten me, in an artistic way, as a citizen of the modern world, in hopes of comforting others who suffer from the same fears. I am not a conspiracy theorist or a fatalist. I’m just a songwriter who’s chosen to take this particular subject matter very seriously."

I'm not going to lie, 1157 by S.J Tucker is haunting, and beautiful. I've listened to it probably 100 times already and it was only released January 24, 2020. 1157 ('Til It's Over) is a hauntingly beautiful song that will "get  you in the feels" so to speak. The doomsday clock is now being measured in seconds and we have to move NOW. Be that as it may, we hope this song brings you a measure of comfort. 

Thanks for walking The Wigglian Way!