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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Oct 22, 2016

140, you most natural, abundant, and harmonic divisor episode, oh how we love thee!

We are mixing it up a little bit this episode. It’s a bit shorter than usual and instead of having a feature album, we decided to share some of our favourites from episodes gone by.

First things first. Mojo had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the incredibly busy David Banach of The Magick Juke Box (I’ve got your back Mojo). David just so happens to also be the driving force behind Calderafest, a Pagan Music Festival in Georgia. We are excited to be attending this year. Mojo is performing at the festival and I am there to ensure he is fed, hydrated, and cool, and somewhat well rested...and to have boat loads of fun. David was kind enough to share a SECRET CODE “net2017” (it’s not a secret anymore) with The Wigglian Way for a discount on admission.

Myth Magic, by Kan’nal is absolutely one of our favourites. It is in our “romantic secret stash” (not so secret anymore). We hear Coyote from that album.

If you are a long time listener of the Wigglian Way, you will remember a time when a certain pixie’s name would be mentioned or her music would be played on every single episode. Of course, we love our dear friend SJ Tucker and we needed to share Lady Vagabond from Sirens with you again.

Long long ago, there was a mixed tape, and on that mixed tape there was a song, and that song was good. It was a very good song and it was called Pagan Born. Inkubbus Sukubbus created that song and they put it on the album Witches and it was good.

I am sure that Mojo chose  the next song with me in mind. He knows that I love this song. It is Wild Hunt, by Chalice and Blade, and I love it. And him.

Last, but hardly the least is another of our dearest friends, Damh the Bard. I just know that there would be amazing jam sessions if Mojo and Damh lived closer together. In the meantime, we are lucky that we have have the technology to record such beautiful sounds. From The Cauldron Born we hear Green and Grey.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the show. Thank you for listening!

It’s all about the Love <3