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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Nov 28, 2015

Folks, we have to work on getting the love out there and spread around. Things aren't going so well on our planet and it's people like you that can help change it. 

On today's episode Sparrow had the chance to talk with Pegi Eyers. Pegi is a Canadian, celtic animist, activist, artist and so much more. This is our first, but we are sure not last, visit with Pegi and we hope to learn a lot from her. Pegi talks to  us about  working towards using our own indigenous knowledge for our spirituality, from her book Ancient Spirit Rising

As we mentioned above, we all need to be working on spreading the love and being our own heroes. Mojo shares with us a ceremony that he created with his classmates in the training he is taking now. On the shoulders of Heroes is a ceremony that everyone can do and will help you to become the hero you want to be. 

We are so happy to share with you some great music by Tyr for our Feature album. From the album Valkyrja we hear Blood of Heroes, Another Fallen Brother, and the title track Valkyrja

We also hear The Witch of Torryburn by Joanna Swan from the album The Seventh Cyrkle. 

From his yet to be released album, we hear Before my Eyes, by Mojo Kemp

Thanks for spending this time with us and thank you for walking The Wigglian Way.