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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Apr 21, 2015


No such thing as short and sweet at The Wigglian Way. Unless we are talking about Sparrow, but we are not. This episode is full of fun. Two hours, two minutes, and 21 seconds of Wigglian funtasticness! 

Sable Aradia dropped by the studio to share a little about her friend Heather Carr. There were a lot of incorrect media reports out there and Sable shares what she feels actually happened. Hail and Farewell Heather!

Mojo got to almost faint...I mean "interview" SJ Tucker about her new album, Stolen Season, which just happens to be our feature album for this show. The two of them discussed the album song by song. That is one of my favourite types of interview to listen to. It's interesting to get a glimps of the process. 

From Sooj's album, Stolen Season we hear Black Swan Blues, Believe in Lullabies (After Hours) and to end the episode, Stolen Season. 

We had to have a "Mini Feature Album" for this episode because Damh the Bard just released his new album, Sabbat. From Sabbat, we hear Iron from Stone and The Wicker Man. 

Last, but not least, I had the honour of interviewing Lon Milo Duquette. Lon is going to be visiting Vancouver for the 100th birthday of the Masons being in Vancouver. Lon will be playing a concert May 15th at The Railway Club. On Monday, May 18th, he will be teaching three workshops at LON-A-THON

Thank you to all our guests and musicians for being on the show. Thank you, for spending some of your time with us. We appreciate you all. It's all about the Love.