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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Mar 6, 2015

These were the shownotes of our lives. Actually, this is the third time I am writing these shownotes. Upon reflection, I believe they have taught me one of two things. Either the lost shownotes are the meanest teachers of patience OR they are teaching me to get a different type of keyboard next time. 

As they say...the show must go on. 

This episode Mojo gets to chat with Sharon Knight about her new project, Portals. Portals is a "Carnival of Mystery" mulit media project that supports a community of musicians and artists. 

Our Feature Album this show is Salterello by Magicfolk. We hear Dance of the Honey Bees, Bedlam Boys, and Babylon. Magicfolk combine traditional and modern influences creating music with a powerful, otherworldly atmosphere. There music ranges from energetic folk reels to Eastern European dance tunes to ethereal ballads, progressive rock and psychodelia. 

We just got confirmation about a number of things regarding SunWheel Arts and Music Festival 2015. First, we found out that Kellianna AND Arthur Hinds are going to be performing this year. We can't wait to see Kellianna again and we have been waiting  a long time to meet Arthur. To celebrate, we will hear Arthur's Greenwood Woman from Poetry of Wonder and Kellianna's Maiden, Mother, Crone from Lady Moon

Thanks for downloading the show! Thanks for walking The Wigglian Way!