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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Dec 9, 2014

Hi there! We're over here! Ah, yes, nice to see you. Thank you for joining us here on the Wigglian Way. 

We have a full and interesting episode. 

Mojo got to interview his friend and teacher Jeff Stockton for this episode. They chat about music, magic, and the Song. 

The feature album is called Mystical Creature, by Jessica Star. The album was recorded and produced by friend of the Wigglian Way, Winter. From Mystical Creature we hear Red Pheonix Aflame, The River, and to end the show, Wesa

The music for the second break is by our special guest, Jeff Stockton. From his album Between Two Lights we enjoy, Midwinter Fires and Grandmother Snow

Peter Paddon, from Mojo and I, and all Wigglians everywhere...Hail and Farewell, Friend. Bendith.