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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jul 11, 2014

Episode 126 is brought to you by the letter DARK. 

The music is dark and the subject matter is often at least some shade of dark. We are talking about divorce on this episode. In fact, I got to interview Diana Rajchel about her new book, Divorcing a Real Witch: For Pagans and the people that used to Love Them. Often we don't get enough information about divorce and how to go about it in a healthy way. Thanks to Diana, we have a pagan resource for that now. Thank you for joining us Diana. 

Due to the subject matter, and the fact that we met Damh the Bard and he likes metal music, we are playing all heavy tunes this show. 

The Feature album comes to us from Tyr and their 2011 release, The Lay of Thyrm. From The Lay of Thyrm, we hear The Lay of Thyrm, Evening Star, and to end the show Stargazer. 

We wanted to keep with the metalness of the episode and so we round out the evenings musical entertainment with Leaves' Eyes, Twilight Sun from the Vinland Saga cd and Cruachan with Viking Slayer, from the Pagan cd

We have been having a great summer and hope that  you are too. 

It's all about the Love!