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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Feb 11, 2014

Told ya! We had no doubts. We are really stoked about the show and all the interviews, information, and interesting add ons that we want to bring you in upcoming episodes. 

This episode was pretty special for us to make. It didn't start that way. At first we were both going to do informational segments. I know I had mine prepared and ready to go, and I am almost positive that Mojo's segment was polished to gleaming as well. 

Those segments so didn't happen. I had asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to weigh in on my "Forgiveness" (now) series. The specific topic was on "forgiving onself" and we got some great replies. I opened my email to find a well thought out response from a dear friend. When I read her response I knew that we had to invite Brenda Titus on the show to share her thoughts on forgiveness and the work she is doing in that vein. Brenda is a hypnotherapist and you can find her at Orange County Hypnotherapy. You can join or follow Brenda at her at her Healing Path Hypnosis facebook page. 

Our feature album AND first segment are all HEATHER DALE. Heather Dale ROCKS. We love her! When you meet her you will too. We love you too Ben! Mojo got to sit down over skype and talk with Heather about her new crowdfunding project. We think the Celtic Avalon tour would be massively successful and so much fun. To view and support Heather's project click here. You know you wanna!  

From Heather Dale we presen The Gabriel Hounds. From this album we hear Mountain,  Odin's Other Eye, and to wrap up the show, Joan

Sadly, very sadly, we cannot make it to Pantheacon this year. Our friends Sharon and Winter are playing the Cedar/Pine room on Saturday night at 9pm, with their band Pandemoneaon. From the album Dangerous Beauty we hear The Tower and Queen of Shadows