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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jul 13, 2013

We've come to the end of our hiatus. Thank you for all your kind words and the love that you sent while we have been going through this difficult time. Your love and support has meant so much to Mojo and I. 

The Wigglian Way missed Pagan Values month but we did want to weigh in, so in this episode we talk about...

May 29, 2013



We are back with a guest, special prizes, and some great new music!

Our friend Ed, from Sun Wheel Pagan Arts Festival and the Edmonton store Where Faeries Live, came for dinner. He helped us inaugurate our new bbq grill and stayed for an interview. Ed tells us what we can expect at this year's...

Mar 24, 2013

I can't believe he called me a "geeky dork" just because I like a certain board game. Hmmpfft! 

That's all right though because this episode rounds out our un-official Ember Days Musical Ladies series which was a two part series. Mojo sat down with Bekah Kelso to talk about her career and Ember Days the Movie, Thank you...

Mar 13, 2013

This is such an amazing show that we had to break it up into two segments! 

Well, the truth is we didn't have enough room on our server to combine our two amazing interviews into one show so we split them up. 

This episode we have an interview with SJ Tucker. SJ has composed most of the soundtrack for Ember Days, which...

Feb 26, 2013

First, I seem to have a code in my node but that didn't stop us from making this episode. Twice. Long story, but I think Mojo covers it in the show. 

Wow, did we ever have a great time at Pantheacon 2013. For anyone who missed it, we missed you, and we hope to see you next year. Both of us LOVE the atmosphere at Con....